Which social media platform is right for your business?

One can rarely find a company or person who isn’t well acquainted with at least one social media platform these days. Social media is present everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter icons are present almost everywhere- as signatures in e-mails, at the bottom of company website pages.

It can at times be very taxing while trying to choose which platform to be a part of and which ones to forego. The information and engagement can get very overwhelming at times thus making it a bane rather than a boon.

The benefits one can reap from every platform may also vary depending upon a particular sector or industry. Costs, geography, results should be looked into while choosing any. Also consistency is key when building a brand.  It is important to post updates regularly on each social media platform.

Next, one should consider the target audience for one’s own business.  Location, age, income, etc. should be considered and is a good business practice.  Often budding branders make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone out there.  For e.g. one may cite the example of Amazon and say, they target the entire world.  Truth be told, Amazon was very specific and only sold books initially.  After 24 years, today Amazon has the resources and ability to target everyone. As a growing business owner, one should be more focused. After defining the target audience it also becomes easier to select the time in which you send posts and updates- morning, lunch break, early evening or post-dinner?- whenever your target audience is likely to be online.

Read on to learn more about the best social media platforms for businesses including yours as well!


One of the main reasons why Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world is because you can probably know about anyone here. So if you run a business it is likely that almost 90% of your client base will have an existing Facebook account. The age group generally ranges from ages between 18- 65 and above.  It has been noted that up to 74% of consumers on Facebook are educated and so it makes sense for businesses to target such kinds of Facebook users.

Facebook Social Media platform Like, Share, Comment. Reactions

Promotions, new deals, contests, promotional videos work well on Facebook. It is also a remarkable way to get people to visit your site once they perform well here. Facebook makes it easy to track the posts people view regularly and the ones that have the most engagement. Keeping a good check on your insights page can help considerably the next time you create content.  This not only saves much of your time but also gives you an idea of what your followers might not want.


With a majority of the millennials on this new age platform, Instagram easily qualifies to be the perfect place not only to target the young crowd but also as an easy way to club in your Facebook and Twitter promotional activities.  Photos and videos can easily be integrated onto multiple platforms from here.  If your business has a more visual product probably you may have an edge over other businesses on Instagram.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on it if you aren’t trendy or so.  You might just have to add in a bit more creativity for a better visual appeal.

Instagram Social Media platform Page showcasing followers

According to AdEspresso, in 2019, about 80% of Instagram users followed brands specifically comprising about 53% of users within the age range of 18 to 29. Businesses should optimize this trend to their advantage.


Snapchat is a more professional social media platform that adds a human touch to brands.  It is a very interactive and vibrant place not just for any user but also for businesses. Over 10 billion videos per day reach snap chatters and this platform has an age range of 12 to 24.  If Snapchat is used in a more innovative way it is likely to gain a better following.  For businesses, it makes sense to use snap ads that appear in between stories.


YouTube is hands down the most-watched video site on the internet.  Businesses too have recognized YouTube to be the best way to connect with a huge audience. According to a survey conducted by Content Marketing Benchmarks, a report stated that about 70% of businesses use marketing videos to get customers. Unlike other conventional ways of marketing, YouTube is five times more effective in reaching out to people. It is quite heartening to know that a whopping 90% of customers even make their decisions based on a YouTube video they have watched.

YouTube subscription button

People generally like engaging videos that are visually appealing. Video testimonials have become a trend and add to the credibility of a company.  YouTube ads are a good way of advertising by providing the initial energy required for a better profile. What’s more? In case your video goes viral you can always repost it at a later stage to ensure that your viewers never forget your brand.


Ask any business owner and they are likely to tell you that their biggest challenge would be acquiring new customers. Consultants, sales professionals, franchises experience the same.  LinkedIn retargeting targets people who have gone through your website page and provide them with ads based on certain parameters.  The conversion rate is also pretty high.

LinkedIn Home page showing the URL and Page Title

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn has a great community of business owners.  This also makes it a more formal medium than the rest.  Although B2C content also thrives here, people tend to come onto LinkedIn more for B2B content. 

Rest assured, businesses or individuals that approach other businesses as their potential clients tend to be more successful on this social networking platform.


Twitter is a social media platform where news and messages are communicated via messages called “tweets” up to 240 characters in length. Using customized hashtags for events or brands by connecting them with trending topics while also keeping in mind to limit the no. of hashtags used can up the game. 

Photos GIFs and polls are various other ways to tweet and connect with followers.  Tweets that have images and videos get 150% more retweets. Promoted tweets and accounts are a way in which advertising agencies increase engagement and expand their reach.  An average Twitter user follows close to six businesses and about 70% of Twitter users have tweeted about a brand.

Woman logging into Twitter using mobile application

As a business owner or marketer, your social media strategy depends upon how you stay on top to meet your goal. Pick the right social media platform. Also, we recommend finding a good digital marketing company like Panache to assist you in the best possible way. We help you build your brand by choosing the right social media channels and our social media marketing services are sure to help you implement the right strategy through the perfect content that is just right for your business.

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