Want to stay relevant innovatively during lockdown? Here’s how

Want to stay relevant Innovatively during lockdown

As social- distancing is becoming the new normal and the changing times are changing consumers’ lifestyle and habits, staying relevant innovatively during lockdown is the need of the day. What can one do now that traditional advertising and planning might not create an impact?

This pandemic has had consequences, not necessarily with catching the virus in particular but with respect to other aspects as well. Stock markets, jobs, businesses, almost everything – physically, digitally and virtually have been affected. Once it all ends, getting back to how it was previously might take some time, perhaps a few months. A few things can be taken in our hands. That would also include adopting marketing strategies that suit the current scenario.

Online presence and Marketing Strategy

As personal interactions have declined people are online like never before. With more time in their hands, more number of people are researching things to purchase, classes or courses to take online and how to be productive effectively. In February alone, statistics showed a 500% increase in the cancellations of events. Businesses may have to change their website or products to be in line with the current demand.

Online presence and Marketing presence by staying relevant innovatively during lockdown

It is seen that to stay positive and engaged 50% of the population (Gen Z and Gen X) have invested in new subscription services -mostly Netflix and Disney+

Your target audience could have different emotions right now. It would be a smart move to change your marketing approach. Develop your advertising strategy taking into account the new opportunities.

Build Your Brand

Build your brand effectively by
staying relevant innovatively during lockdown

While several industries such as healthcare and the like can still stay relevant during this crisis, several other brands cannot. Brand managers should also listen to what is going on across the globe and on social media to get their message across. While it might be easy to get the immediate attention of the audience it might not take too long for them to shift their focus elsewhere. Hence staying relevant is mandatory.

Several brands are leveraging video content as a medium to connect. It has been observed that about 45% of consumers like to engage through live videos. Webinars and YouTube videos have become the talk of the town.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy-
Staying relevant during lockdown innovatiely

Social distancing is being practiced across the globe. Social media content is being consumed greatly. Clever marketers have looked into this opportunity to create relevant content. Cost per mile (CPM) and Cost per click (CPC) have decreased across all industries including telecom and electronics.
Brands that have come to the forefront and seized the opportunity have made their presence stronger on Facebook and Instagram. As opposed to organic posts, businesses aren’t investing much in paid content.
Before making any transition as a marketer or business owner, you may want to analyze what kind of content is relevant to your target audience and whether they would want to engage themselves virtually. Social media is the most appropriate place to get insights regarding this in terms of live- chats, discussions, feedback, etc.

Sell Innovatively

In order to sell products, big brands are staying relevant innovatively during lockdown, while smaller businesses may have to restructure their operations for the situation.

For e.g. Ford may not have customers looking into new cars. They got their 3D printers into printing respirators by joining hands with 3M and GE healthcare. Also, they intend on assembling face shields. This is one of the smartest moves to sell products and make use of their resources. Fitness centers, on the other hand, can make videos on exercise routines. Being fit and boosting immunity is becoming one of the top priorities of 70% of the people across the globe.

Connect with Clients Positively

Happy & positive clients - Staying relevant during lockdown innovatiely

Customer interaction and communication can take any business in the right direction. Whether you are interacting with your clients online or still seeing them make sure that they feel safe with your hygiene strategies. Since a lot of content online has become a cause of concern due to its negative nature, it would be a pleasant change to engage in something entertaining. This would make your clients remember you for your empathy. Providing advice and motivating content can boost their mood.

The COVID-19 pandemic right now seems uncertain and no one knows when it may end once and for all. Provide good deals and promotions that can be redeemed once everything goes back to normalcy. This will make your brand more valuable and personal.

Every challenge is yet another opportunity in itself. Businesses are being affected drastically. How you strategize and bring the ball into your court solely depends upon you and the measures you undertake. Workaround what suits your business the best and do not hesitate to seek assistance!

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