Social media advertising- the need of the hour

A lot of people give advice about how social media can be leveraged to help brands. It could really impact businesses as it is more quick and easy. While you are on various social media platforms, how can you leverage social media so as to reach people who may not have come across your products before? The best way to do so would be to invest in social media ads. Hence social media advertising is the need of the hour. It has been proven that such kind of ads brings more traffic to your targeted audience. Not just any kind of traffic but it attracts traffic of high quality.  It will also help you slowly reduce your overall marketing costs though you may have to spend on social media advertising. This will further benefit your business by reaching the most relevant potential customers. Now isn’t that a smart move?

Here we shall be looking into the various ads on numerous platforms, its advantages, and its impact on the customers.

Facebook Ads

Advertisers who use Facebook generally target by location, interests, previous activities and profession.  Facebook is a platform that offers much more advanced targeting than any other platform.  Several advertisers have said that to get leads the costs are lower than $1 per lead. This shows how Facebook is at lead generation.

Facebook ads- Social media advertising

Using optimized Facebook ads can also give you a good ROI as you will be utilizing your PPC budget wisely.  Making relevant and visual content will make the ad more likely to be shared and remembered.  For e.g.: You could make an ad that ends by offering the customers something like “Save 50% and buy now” This will catch their attention and also tell them what to do next.

Stories ads are becoming very popular and are a part of Facebook stories.  These can be played both on mobiles and desktops. They can also be shared on messenger and Instagram.

For multiple products, it would be ideal to use carousel ads. Each ad may contain 10 videos or images at a time. The users can rotate them and each one will help describe a product, event or service. It can also help in explaining the process to a buyer.

Facebook ads can be a game-changer for your business.  If used consistently keeping in view what potential buyers may be looking out for.

Google Ads

Anyone handling a business or a website more often than not would have wondered how to improve their visibility on Google and the answer to that would be ‘Google ads’. There are several benefits of using Google ads that make these type of ads different from the rest. The ad words platform runs on a pay per click (PPC). The way it works is, every time a visitor clicks the ad, you will have to pay for it.

Google ads- Social media advertising

On google, you wouldn’t be advertising to anyone who wouldn’t want to see it.  Your ads would pop up for all those who actually search for it.  It is here that the pay per click comes into play.  Ad words ensure potential customers actually respond to certain products or services, thereby ensuring businesses benefit from them. These attributes surely make social media advertising the need of the hour

Instagram Ads

Instagram is no doubt the best platform to share all those amazing visuals and photographs. It is a place where there is an opportunity for all kinds of businesses.  Everyone can share videos and images along with a relevant hashtag.  This also makes one connect with relevant or potential customers.  It’s a platform that has commendable growth.  Over the last few years, the number of advertisers advertising on Instagram has multiplied 5 times.

Instagram ads- Social media advertising

Since Facebook owns Instagram one can target customers with Facebook data.  Instagram photo ads, video ads, carousel ads stories ads are the different types of ads one can use while starting an online campaign.  While photo ads can be used for visually engaging pictures short videos of about 60 seconds are ideal for a larger audience.  Just like Facebook, carousel ads help users to horizontally scroll through multiple photos or videos.

The cost of ads may vary depending upon the placement of ads. For instance, the ads that pop up on the right-hand side of a Facebook page would cost more.  The ads on Instagram feed or story ads are comparatively cheaper.  Always invest in posts that are performing well organically. Once you do this plan your budget accordingly.

Twitter Ads

When used in the right way Twitter is the most cost-effective way of connecting with the consumer base of a business.  Twitter is a brand builder that is very much focused.  The various twitter ads used – promoted tweets promoted accounts, promoted trends twitter promote mode are sure to grow your following.  Whatever it may be; you only pay when an action is taken. 

Twitter ads- Social media advertising

Promoted tweets appear in timelines and profile pages.  This creates a lot of buzz around brands.  It also encourages people to share content.  The ad campaigns need to be tracked effectively to create an impact.  This will enable businesses to modify their approach by understanding how the ads performed in the past.  Twitter analytics and tracking provide several such metrics that assist in the same.  Later the individual tweets can be analyzed for a broader perspective.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has managed to attract several companies towards its platform ever since the introduction of Snapchat stories and update on photo filters.  This was a different strategy that changed the platform for all the right reasons.  It also claims that users open their app minimum 25 times a day. Primarily there are 3 types of Snapchat ads. Snapchat Sponsored Geofilters Snapchat Sponsored Lenses, Snap Ads. 

Snap chat ads- social media advertising

Snapchat is very much focused on catering to the younger crowd. Generally, users look for something engaging, humorous or witty on Snapchat. Brands who look out for the audience at an early stage can benefit a lot.  Since video content trends here, you could easily decipher how well a video has done by viewing for how long someone has viewed a video.  It is one of the best platforms to draw traffic to video content. Snapchat ads are shown at a frequency that coincides with the number of times users spend online. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads assist businesses with their specific goals. It is a B2B platform. However B2C companies, students, recruiters, universities use this platform effectively. For a B2B marketer, LinkedIn ads are the best for converting an interesting prospect.  LinkedIn has over 380 million users.  This in itself can be seen as an opportunity to utilize the B2B network present here.  Account-based marketing works well here as LinkedIn shows ads to people working at certain specific companies.

LinkedIn Ads- Social media advertising

These days there isn’t any limit in advertising or marketing.  Once you choose the correct platform and communicate well with your audience you are bound to get leads.  Along with that, the way you market your products and advertise them makes a lot of difference. After all, social media advertising is the need of the hour!

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